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Is now a good time to buy? 

(Here are some of the positive and negative variables in today’s market to consider)




Interest Rates

Mortgage interest rates are at historic lows right now.  This saves you a significant amount of money on your monthly payment and the lifetime cost of the loan.  It may also allow you to afford an even nicer home than you normally would be able to buy with higher interest rates.


Home Values

Home values have been appreciating over the years and experts expect this trend to continue.  You may not look at this as a good thing from a buyer’s perspective, but the increase in home values actually demonstrates that you would be purchasing something with demand, value, and a traditionally good investment.






The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people’s job to be lost or in jeopardy.  This has made making major purchases out of reach or a higher risk for some.



There is a low supply of homes available compared to the number of buyers who want to buy them.  Many people are trying to take advantage of this historic opportunity.  This has caused homes to sell quickly and buyers to miss out if they are not prepared.


I would be happy to discuss with you the current conditions and how it relates to your personal situation.  Together we can decide if now is a good time for you to buy a home.


 5 tips to help you optimize your home buying process.


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Tips for preparing your home to sell.


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