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5 Tips to start the home buying process

Get your finances in order: 

This is a key first step.  You don’t want the disappointment of falling in love with a home that is not within your budget or miss out on making an offer on your dream home because the market is moving fast and you were not pre-approved for a loan yet.  Talk to a reputable loan officer to see where you stand financially and what type of loan you can be pre-approved for.  If you need references, I can pass on contact info for loan officers that have worked with past clients of mine and they had good experiences.


Timing is everything:

Do you have a lease that is expiring?  Do you have to schedule around the start of a new job or school year?  Is the housing market affected by the seasons or current market conditions?  How long does the process take to find a home, do an inspection, and have my loan approved?  There are many variables that effect the timing of buying a home and you need to keep in mind when planning your move.  Together we can have a discussion and set up the best strategy to get you into your new home within the time frame that you want.


What is your search criteria:

Where do you want to live?  Do you want a single family home, townhouse, or condo?  How many bedrooms, bathrooms, garage stalls…are you looking for?  Try to figure out what you most want in your next home.  It is okay to have certain standards, but don’t be unrealistic.  Also try to separate what is a true need and what is a want for your next home.  I can set up a customized house search to help you locate homes on the market for you.  I even have the ability to find homes for you that are not on the market yet.


Start general and then narrow down:

You don’t want your list to be too specific at first, especially if this is your first time buying.  There may be many homes available that you would be happy with, but don’t even know about them because your list is too narrow.  It is better to start off with a general search criteria, see what is available online, and also go see some homes in person.  Once you get a better feel of your options and what you really want in a home then you can start really narrowing down and focusing your search.  I can set up private showings for us so we can can view your different home options in person.  I also make sure that this process moves at a pace that you are comfortable with so you don't feel pressured or rushed.


Get help from a REALTOR®

When you hire a Realtor to represent you in the home buying process, they have legal fiduciary duties to look out for YOUR best interest.  Unlike a listing agent, whose first duty is to the seller, a buyer’s agent is working for you. Also, buyer’s agents are usually paid out of the seller’s commission payment, not by you.  I have been helping hundreds of buyers successfully purchase their homes since 2001 and would be happy to help you.


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