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Tips for selling your home


It’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate while living in your home over the years.  Now is the time to thin out some of those excess items.  If it feels overwhelming then break it down and go room by room.  Put things in their proper place, start packing some of the items you don’t use right now, and donate, sell, or throw away the items you don’t need anymore.  Getting everybody in the home helping out will make the process go faster and thinking about the excitement of moving to a new home can help with motivation when you start to lose your momentum.



With a “Spring cleaning” mindset go through your home and give it a thorough cleaning.  Once again, if it feels overwhelming then break it down and go room by room.  Dust, wipe down, scrub…Make your home shine!


Make improvements

Your home may have needed repairs that have been put off or items throughout that are worn or dated.  If you choose the right improvements it can have a major impact on the timing and price of your home sale.  If you choose the wrong improvements it will have little effect and cause you to waste time and money.  In order to avoid wasted time and money, it’s good for us to meet early in this process.  I can do a free walk-thru of your home and give you advice about what is a good return on investment and what is not worth improving.


Stage your home

How you present your home to a potential buyer is critical.  It is often hard to truly see your home in an objective way.  A properly staged home can sell faster and for a higher price.  I can go room by room and share my proven staging techniques that helps your home look its best.


Pre-market your home

While you are working on getting your home ready, I can work on some pre-marketing.  I have strong networking capabilities that can build momentum.  This will allow us to hit the ground running when we do go live on the market.  I have even sold homes before they hit the market.


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